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Hello all!
I’m starting a project on Pokerstars at NL10. I’m a 30-year-old CS teacher from Europe (English isn’t my firs language but hopefully I will be able to express myself). Because of my day job and other personal responsibilities, I will not have too much time for poker compared to some of you guys here but the plan is to give poker 15 hours a week (10 of which will be playing). I have played poker for a long time now whit a few starches where I played seriously for a longer period of time. The highest stake I played and had a positive regularly results over 100k hands was NL25, 5 years ago, and a year ago I have played NL10 whit good results too.
I don’t want to make this a “too long” post so I will get straight to the points.

My Goals:
1. Play/study 5 days a week (with 2 days off between Monday-Thursday).
2. Play min. 2 hours per day. (From ~19:00 until~21:00)
3. Check cashier/graph only after the “play day” is over.
4. Study and review 1 hour per day.
5. Play a minimum of 5 000 hands per week.
6. Play a minimum of 20 000 hands per month.
7. Post weekly updates (1x/ week).
8. Post monthly updates (1x/ month).
9. Post interesting hands (min 2x/ week).
10. Ask questions, and hopefully get answers, If necessary, reorganize goals and don’t give up from this project.

Tools I use/have: Holdem manager 3, Flopzilla, RIOs From the ground up.
Tools I want to have in the future: GTO Wizard which costs 50$/month
Bankroll management: If I reach 30BI for NL25 Ill take a 5BI shoot. If I fail under 25 BI on NL10 Ill go down to NL5.

My long term Goals:
1. Check my bankroll only once a week.
2. Regular use of a GTO tool.
3. Invest part of my monthly profit.
4. NL100.
5. Have elite RIO subscription.
6. Stream
7. Make poker related videos.
8. Have my own poker related blog/site.

See you in the comments.

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