Episode 6: SB 3bet or fold & Episode 15: Polar vs. Linear 3-betting

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Episode 6: SB 3bet or fold & Episode 15: Polar vs. Linear 3-betting

Hi everyone,

I understand and appreciate that Peter wants to teach "why" instead of "what", I agree very much with the arguments of episode 6, and "why" SB should 3bet or fold, but I miss the "how", in order to get to the "what" myself. How do I decide which hands to 3bet? What is the process of constructing these ranges? Obviously it won't be the same vs EP/MP/CO/BT but the examples cover only CO/BT and mostly 1 hand instead of talking about a range. Because of the games I have access to, a lot of players are unknown or the sample is too small so I would like to construct default ranges, but first I would like to understand the logic behind it.

Likewise, Peter talks about "Polar vs. Linear 3-betting" and there's an example of CO vs BT, this time he gives one range example but a) we don't know the thinking process that led to creating this range and b) suppose we'd estimate that we should 3bet linear from MP/HJ/CO or BT vs another position than CO, there are no ranges and no way to come up with ways to construct them. (I would like to clarify that I don't want ranges, but more a reasoning behind creating the ranges).

Do you know if there is a video here at RIO that clarifies these points?

Thanks a lot

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