2017 Database Analisys Discussion!!

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2017 Database Analisys Discussion!!

Hey guys!

In this first months of 2018 I'm trying to do a deep database analisys from the hands I played in 2017.
Mostly they come from 3$ to 109$ MTT and 3R and 8$ 180's.
I would like your help to suggest some improvements I need to do to my game and what kind of filters should I use to learn more about my game and my weaknesses.

To begin, I'll show you my stats by Position and by Stack size:


Stack Size

What do you guy's think about this? I guess I'm a ok reg but I have no idea about what numbers should I have or not to have.

My first idea for the database analisys was to review some of my shortstack play since I like to play turbos a lot. And to do that I was trying to see if my shoving ranges were doing ok in the diferent positions and by the diferent stack sizes.
I was planing to see 4BB-6BB; 8BB-12BB; 14BB-16BB in all the positions (EP, MP, CO, BTN, SB only these ones and not the full 9 because I can't get MP3 ou EP2 in HM2). What do you think? My overall doubt here is if I have enough hands in each spot to take any conclusions about the profitability of the hand in that spot, but anyway I think I can see some trends I can fix.

So, in the next post I'll try to show some results comparing the ranges I shove in unoppened pots (mostly Nash EQ ranges) vs the results I got vs the overall field I play against.

Thanks a lot in advance. I really hope this post to help me and you guys to answer some questions about database review ;)

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