$22 mini Sunday Supersonic Final Table ICM (Hyper Turbo)

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$22 mini Sunday Supersonic Final Table ICM (Hyper Turbo)

Final table and we're super shallow. Payouts go something as follows:

1: 7000
2. 4400
3. 3100
4. 2500
5. 2000
6. 1600
7. 1200

Since we're so shallow I'vs converted chip stacks to BB's. Ante is 0.25BB, and have not been deducted from stacks below. At the time, UTG1 tanks then - shoved 6.25BB. It is snap folded around to me in BB holding 55, and I'm left with about 15 seconds to make this decision. I removed the top 8-10% of his range (maybe wrongly) thinking he snap shoves even premium hands this shallow. I have 5c5h in the BB and call it off. Looking back it feels like a punt, but there is a lot of $ up top and im greedy lol. My rationale would be that i think he has A-rag type hands, and more pocket 2's,3's, and 4's than 66+ (thinking 66+ jams immediately at this stage).

Villian is playing 26/29/40 over 33 hands. pretty active reg. Is this an ICM punt?

HJ: DEMOS1976 (4.33BB)
CO: slava_Ukrop (14.41BB)
BU: gui.hrimbano (5.00BB)
SB: Pessagno (7.85BB)
*BB(HERO): aramsay (6.68BB)
UTG: (13.65BB)
UTG 1: (6.25BB)
DEMOS1976: (4.33BB)

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