$330 MTT Live- Early level UTG spot with AQ

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$330 MTT Live- Early level UTG spot with AQ

Field in this tourney is soft but I have a few good players at my table. 30k starting stacks, moves kinda fast at 30min levels but decent structure.

150/300bb 25ante, UTG I open to 900 with AcQs off 35k stack. Standard open size at this table and we are EP so I like to raise bigger.

3 callers behind. Pot ~ 3800. Flop Ah Kc Jc.

BB checks, Hero? I decided to check which I think is a mistake. This board is very wet and a lot of hands are calling that I am ahead of. I should probably be betting for value on this board as a lot of hands we are ahead of are calling and we have backdoor nut draws.

Asian guy 40-45 years old no reads bets 1700 off of 30k. Folds to me. I just call. Pot 7500

Turn: 5d

I decided to check. Villain bets 6k. I call.

I'm thinking I'll flat here, try to get to showdown, and check fold to any river bet. I'm still ahead of a lot of hands and he'll probably shutdown on river if he doesn't have me beat. The pot is quite large now at 19500.

River: 3c completes the flush and I have Ac blocker. Hero?

I hate playing big pots like this so early. Put myself into a tough spot by checking calling twice OOP. I think I need to be betting this flop and following up on a lot of turn cards. Thoughts?


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