$400 live MTT- Huge draw facing action

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$400 live MTT- Huge draw facing action

Huge hand I played this weekend in a live MTT. Here we have 36 left with 27 paying. I have a top 10-15 stack with 170k. Blinds 1500/3000 with 500 ante. 9 handed.

Hero: 170k
Villain: 170k
Fish: 150k

Villain is a regular, Asian guy about 30 years old. We've played before and my general read is he's solid. Nothing specific on him. Fish is terrible/clueless. His stack is up and down rollercoaster, playing lots of hands poorly and making pointless bets and calls. This fish type is common at these stakes at this venue.

Villain opens to 7k in MP
Fish directly behind him flats
Hero in BB flats with Jc10c

Flop: Qc9c4x

Hero checks
Villain bets 8500
Fish raises to 20k

Hero? I decided to raise to 62k.

I'm thinking that I have some fold equity here as I'm squeezing the villain and the fish is terrible and might just fold. Otherwise I'm getting it in here if either of them has a big hand, which I'm fine with because this pot is huge now after fish raises to 20k. Thoughts?

Villain jams
Fish folds
Hero? Easy call IMO after this action. He clearly has a real hand but the odds are there and I play to win not min cash. Disaster if up against AcKc obv.

Thanks for the input!

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