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AK5 holding bottom set in a 3 bet pot vs tight player. $10 MTT

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AK5 holding bottom set in a 3 bet pot vs tight player. $10 MTT

BB 200+bb (29 vpip, 9 pfr, 3 three bet)
SB 150bb+ (hero) 5s5h
LJ 75bb+ (might be a reg or there about's)

early-mid stages

fold, fold, fold, LJ raise 2.2x, fold, fold, fold, Hero call, BB makes it 6.6x, LJ call, Hero call.

Flop is AdKc5d (19.8 bb)

Hero check, BB bet 10bb, LJ fold and hero calls.

Turn 8s (39.8 bb)

hero check, BB bet 20bb, hero call.

River 4h (80bb)

hero check, bb bet 40b, Hero jam 105.

either calling or folding flop and never raising was my plan with my range, raising here makes no sense to me. so on the turn brick i continue this.

on the river i think i have to jam for value but it might even be thin.

should i use a hand like K10s as a bluff or maybe. not sure don't see me having tons of fold equity here though.

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