AQo 3B-Pot UTG1 vs UTG open

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AQo 3B-Pot UTG1 vs UTG open

Blinds: t25/t50 (9 Players) BN: 3,522
SB: 4,906
BB: 4,661
UTG: 7,252
UTG+1: 4,903 (Hero)
MP: 4,426
MP+1: 5,470
MP+2: 5,239
CO: 4,856
Preflop (75) Hero is UTG+1 with Q A
UTG raises to 115, Hero raises to 400, 7 folds, UTG calls 285
Flop (929) J 2 7
UTG checks, Hero bets 307, UTG calls 307
Turn (1,543) J 2 7 J
UTG checks, Hero checks
River (1,543) J 2 7 J 6
UTG bets 1,142, Hero folds
Final Pot UTG wins 1,543

I guess my 3bet sizing is ok but could I go bigger? I like going as big as I can with 3bets. Maybe 4x?
I know this flop is bad for the PFR in a SRP vs a flat, but how does my 3bet range do on this one? I guess I have an advantage?
With the Ah I would be more inclined to x the flop in fear of getting x/r, does that sound right? OTT should I have bet pot with these awesome blockers?
OTR I wanted to bluff the hearts but he got me first, this is a move I make quite often when I block the FD and I bluff cbet IP but don't know if I should be doing it. Any suggestions?

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