AQo UTG vs LJ 30BB stack Flat.

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AQo UTG vs LJ 30BB stack Flat.

Blinds: t2,500/t5,000 (9 Players) MP+1: 156,200
MP+2: 338,737
CO: 85,001
BN: 127,152
SB: 75,813
BB: 321,822
UTG: 270,215 (Hero)
UTG+1: 186,298
MP: 125,064
Preflop (7,500) Hero is UTG with A Q
Hero raises to 10,750, 2 folds, MP+1 calls 10,750, 5 folds
Flop (33,500) K 3 9
Hero bets 11,055, MP+1 calls 11,055
Turn (55,610) K 3 9 4
Hero bets 30,000, MP+1 raises to 133,895 and is all in, Hero folds
Final Pot MP+1 wins 115,610

Blocking the nut flush having a range advantage I went ahead and c-bet the flop. I didn't want to make it too big and give him an option to 3bet shove on me.
I was planning on barreling on clubs and A for sure, should I be barreling on a J? I think after my 1/3 c-bet villains range is full of JT,QJ type hands so I wasn't sure, but felt like a T would be a better barrel than a J. I would be barreling a K as well OTT, I think people underbluff that turn when the K pairs, we still have the better overpairs and the stronger Kx and he should have lots of draws to fold. On the blank though I want to be barreling to make him fold some weak 9x, a lot of his draws, underpairs and maybe some of his floats although having the nut flush blocker decreases those by a ton.
What would be the river plan here though? We shove on clubs, on A but do we shove on blanks? It doesn't seem like it will work much after villain called 2 streets.

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