Bubble of a $350 live tourney

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Bubble of a $350 live tourney

Down to the final 3 tables with 20-22 people left and top 19 people get paid. Question is when should I over fold and when do I play for the win?

Will post 3 hands below either directly on the bubble or 1 off the bubble.

Hand #1 3k\6k + bb ante 6k
Currently 21 people (2 away from ITM).
Seven handed
HJ (150k) opens 16k
Co folds
Hero btn (46k) KcJc ?
I chose to fold here rather than take a 60\40 spot at best imo.

Hand #2
Ep opens 15k
HJ calls 15k
Hero (46k) AJo ?
Same as before I chose to fold still 21 people.

Hand #3 bubble
20 people left
3k\6k+6kbb ante
Sb shoves 100% (200k+)
Hero BB (28.5k) 6k bb + 6k ante (16.5k behind) AJo.
Here still 3 tables cant see the other stacks but we are hand for hand. Likely to cash ($670) if bubble burst next 6 hands or so. Is this a 100% fold? I chose to fold here and wait for ITM and basically hope for the best spot.

Just a question of playing ftw or min cash then try and chip up after. Like going 5bb to 10bb how much is it actually worth? Or 4bb to 8bbb etc.

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