Can someone give me any feedback about my playing ability ?

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Can someone give me any feedback about my playing ability ?

Hi guys. I've been playing for 2-3 months, mainly part time for like 2-3 days a week. I do have a question about my winnings bb/100 after analysing my stats . My results bb/100 on Partypoker is 7.84 and 888poker is 10.8 on 85k hands. Also mainly playing 1$ - 5$ small field tournaments. I'm not sure about the sample size and about my playing ability.

There are few things I really doubt about my playstyle, player fields and also current meta game, which i dont know what it is right now:
- Bluffing at the river. Depending on the player. I've seen a lot of patterns that (if I) fire three barrels will pay off most of the time. Player tend to stick with their weak pair (like pair of 3 on a J732 rainbow board). A lot of times I really dont have the balls to bluff the river. Tried it few times and winrate was 50/50 i would say.
- Flushdraws and some straightdraws. Flushdraws is really a struggle for me at these stakes. Most of the time they will have flushdraws by def at the big blind. Or fishes calling randomly at different positions. I dont know any good solutions for this kind of situations. Even though I bet big on flop and turn. If the river completes a flush, often I feel forced to check it and lose a bunch of my stack there. Im not sure about checking turn and giving villian a free card, but I really do prefer barreling.
- 3-4 handed play. Like I said on point number one. I'm quite aggressive, but a lot of times it seems that im spewing chips away by betting too often postflop. Ive tried to do some check backs on the flop, but then I will play a guessing game on turn and rivers. Which confuse me a lot.

I know these are all example without any decent hand history, but i will look at my database for certain HH.
Also I will post my stats at this post and hopefully you guys can rate my playstyle!!

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