Concealing Tells

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Concealing Tells

I have a large series coming up. Several $1,100 side events and a $10,000 main I'm aiming to satellite into. I've only played one other $10,000 main (WSOP) but maybe a dozen $2,200-$3,300 events and 25 or more $1,100 events.

I have a few concerns. Concealing tells is a big one. Especially as I'm trying to shift from being perceived as TAG to someone who is more in the middle/can play TAG and LAG.

I feel like when I open up and 3 and 4 bet light (trying to take advantage of my tight image/against players who raise/fold too much) OR bet big hands for value that I am giving off tells.

Would love feedback... PS I just joined RIO this year. Enjoying it.

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