Facing river jam on wet board

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Facing river jam on wet board

Blinds: t100/t200 (9 Players) BB: 14,504 (Hero)
UTG: 11,202
UTG+1: 9,644
MP: 12,539
MP+1: 12,324
MP+2: 9,324
CO: 5,012
BN: 15,243
SB: 7,453
Preflop (300) Hero is BB with Q A
3 folds, MP+1 raises to 400, 4 folds, Hero raises to 1,200, MP+1 calls 800
Flop (2,680) 8 7 A
Hero bets 992, MP+1 calls 992
Turn (4,664) 8 7 A K
Hero bets 2,000, MP+1 calls 2,000
River (8,664) 8 7 A K J
Hero checks, MP+1 bets 8,112 and is all in

I c-bet a bit more than 1/3 pot on flop and turn because of my range advantage here. The river, however, is pretty bad for me, because hands like 9Ts, AJ, and BD flushes got there, as well as weird floats like QTss and QTdd. I block the nut flush, and there aren't that many combos of value that he can jam with, but then again I think a bunch of the hands I beat are checking back on this river. It takes a special player to turn hands like ATs and KQs into a bluff. Leaning toward a fold here but not certain.

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