Final table KQs 15bb reshove - ICM?

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Final table KQs 15bb reshove - ICM?

Blinds: t80,000/t160,000 (5 Players) CO: 2,704,407
BN: 2,424,716 (Hero)
SB: 2,412,480
BB: 3,622,255
UTG: 4,526,142
Preflop (240,000) Hero is BN with Q K
UTG raises to 480,000, CO folds, Hero raises to 2,404,716 and is all in, 2 folds, UTG calls 1,924,716
Flop (5,149,432) 9 Q A
Turn (5,149,432) 9 Q A 8
River (5,149,432) 9 Q A 8 8
Final Pot UTG wins and shows two pair, Aces and Eights.
BN lost and shows two pair, Queens and Eights.
UTG wins 5,149,432

Hi guys is this reshove ok on final table given the stacks? I quite don't understand ICM yet but I understand that we should do those reshoves much tighter if there were significantly smaller stacks on the table. But in this situation, when there were 3 almost equal stacks and 2 bigger is it okay to reshove our 15bb with KQs? I tried to calculate this in ICMizer but I have free version only and can do only few calculations a days :D. I would reshove like top 6-7% of my hands here. AQo+,ATs+,KQs,88+. Maybe even KJs, AJo.

The preflop raiser was quite aggro player opening like every third hand and even using 4x etc (looked like he wanted to win every pot and steal everytime) so I thought we should be good with this versus player that plays so loose preflop and will fold to reshove often. Unfortunately he has AK in this hand.

Payouts were like this:
1st 779
2nd 450
3rd 348
4th 245
5th 173

Sucks to be fifth with these sick payjumps especially in luckbox MTT like HOT 2.20 :-D Was 8th going to the FT tho.

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