Flop decision 3 way semi-deep vs strong opp

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Flop decision 3 way semi-deep vs strong opp

$400 buy in live tourney 10 handed middle of day 1 BB ante

Hero UTG 2 60BB card dead for 2 hours and played almost no hands.
MP 60BB Hasn’t played many hands, seems passive overall.
LP 65BB Very good LAG 1.3M in live earnings, unpredictable and strong.

I raise KJs, MP and LP call. Flop T97r. I do not have bdfd.

I think cc has some merit as we have a straight blocker, a gutter and 2 overs and we avoid bloating the pot oop and both opponents can hit this board well.

I think cbetting could also be a thing and if it were hu it would be low freq and for a larger size, but 3 handed we may want to size down. Either way, I don’t think cbetting happens often and I think a lot of turns could be hard to play.

We could also cr. I don’t think MP ever bets but LP will have a high stab freq and by cr we can push out MP and apply pressure to LP whole rng. But both opponents are uncapped on this board and we bloat the pot.

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