FT of the Sunday Special on ACR (WPN)

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FT of the Sunday Special on ACR (WPN)

Had this spot on the FT of the $215 Sunday Special on ACR last night;

1st: $29.3K
2nd: $18.2K
3rd: $12.6K
4th: $9.7K

CO (Villian): 2,948,212
BTN: 2,209,252
SB: 742,336
BB (Hero): 1,740,200

Blinds: 30,000/60,000

Villain was opening any 2 for awhile, literally every hand, and we had jammed on him a few times and doubled up once, so there's a bit of a dynamic there. I'm curious what ICM says in this spot;

Pre: Hero dealt [QhTs]

Villain raises to 120,000, 2 folds, Hero calls...

Flop: [Th 8h 5d] (294,000)

Hero checks, Villain bets 129,000, Hero calls...

Turn: [7c] (552,000)

Hero checks, Villain bets 288,500, Hero...

Couldn't get the raw hand history to work from PT4 so any advice there, or just how to use PT4 in general lol, would also be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Edited to remove river since I'm more curious about our turn decision.

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