HM2 and PT4 giving same super absurd results for allins in MTTs

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HM2 and PT4 giving same super absurd results for allins in MTTs

Studying my late game in MTTs with HM2 I found a bug in a filter (totally unrealistic results for allins with lost or won bbs under 25, and beyond redic results with less than 15bbs, see pics in the links), so I asked HM2 support to fix the bug, but HM2 support says they think it is all ok in HM2 calculations for the filter (I also sent them my HHs and their results are the same).

So I tried with PT4 and - surprise surprise - results are exactly the same.

WTF? I made the math and it looks like my results are >10 sigma from the mean; i.e. (much) less likely than one in 400 BILLION runs.

This is NOT a whining post about the worst run in the universe. I just wanna know what's wrong in these numbers.

Here is how the graphs look like on HM2 and PT4. Can anyone help me understanding what am I not really understanding? Are your results with this filter totally off as well? It looks like a bug obv but how can HM2 and PT4 have the same exact bug? I guess there must be something that I am missing. Thank you guys

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