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How to play 99 in multi-way pot pre facing a squeeze.

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How to play 99 in multi-way pot pre facing a squeeze.

UTG1: 0
UTG2: 8667
UTG3: 27653 (Hero)
LJ: 13954
HJ: 59816
CO: 8506
BN: 3735
SB: 10331
BB: 11740
UTG: 20317
Preflop (450) (9 Players)
Hero was dealt 9 9
UTG raises to 660, UTG2 folds, Hero calls 660, LJ calls 660, HJ calls 660, CO folds, UTG1 folds, SB raises to 3000, BB folds, UTG folds
I was considering merging my 3betting range by 3betting 99 here vs the UTG open, planning to fold to a 4bet. But I had the UTG player tagged as probably being a weaker player, so I decided to set mine/outplay him if the board was favourable. But then SB squeezes to ~ 5x, and I'm pretty much forced to fold. But does anyone think it could be a good idea to fight back in this spot? I imagine that villain could have hands like 77-88 in his squeezing range here, as well as AQ and AK in addition to the obv primos if he's not ****ing around. I've got little or no fold equity though since SB put like 30% of his stack in the middle. Also, are you guys more inclined to flat 99 vs the UTG open or turn it into a bluff and 3bet it?

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