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Just another run-bad rant...

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Just another run-bad rant...

Just got back to SNGs that I used to love and its so dissapointing what is going on... I was studying a ton on icmizer before going back and I am now pretty comfortable with most of the spots especially bubble ones. I think my decision making is on point but I just can't win an all in... I think I've lost like 90% of my shoves the past week and my bankroll has gotten down to 2/3, I just expect to loose and it happens again and again and again. I think I am going crazy I am calling bad rivers and they just appear like it's nothing. I am like ok it can't happen forever, I will just continue making my decisions and I will eventually win but it's non stop. If I get unlucky in a really important MTT spot it's whatever bad timing, but I just can't take it in 30 SNGs a day. I have lost my confidence so much that I will open ICMizer instantly after loosing to check if my JJ call 3ways for 13bb is okay and get a warning from pokerstars on top haha... I understand that variance is variance and that a bad run can last for as long as the poker gods wish to but I just wanted to rant about it to feel a bit better. How do you guys overcome these? I am not really the guy to take a big break like a week, 2 days at most.

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