Kh6h BB defends on K32r *$5,200 shooting star*

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Kh6h BB defends on K32r *$5,200 shooting star*

Blinds 1500/3000 + 3000BB ante
Eight handed
UTG (300k) open 6k
UTg+1 (125k) calls 6k
SB (120k) calls 6k
Hero (59K) calls 3k more. (8:1 / 11%)
Flop (27k) Kd3h2s
sb check, hero 11k (40%), utg fold, utg1 calls, sb folds.
Turn (49k) K32Kr
Hero (42k) kh6h all in.

My thoughts on the hand.
1) BB call preflop is standard defense for 1bb more. Possibly a shove spot at 20bb with the extra dead money.
2) Flop lead was more of a bet fold spot, where if I get raised on a dry board it's an easy fold with about 13bb left. I could also down-bet on this texture to around 7k (26%) pot.
2.1) I could also check to see what happens, but I think leading gives me more protection, despite being a dry board. I think MW (four-way) the flop checks through a lot.
3) On the turn I felt UTG+1 had a strong hand being a dry board, but given the SPR I am not sure there is much I can do.Check folding trips is too tight imo despite my read. Really hoping he peels flop with a middling pocket pair, maybe a hand like A4s or A5s. Lose to all Kx hands despite being one king left in the deck.

My play here good or bad? Advice appreciated.

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