Open Raise Strategy

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Open Raise Strategy

Hey guys!

Bare with me on the bigger text :)

I've been wondering about this for some time, Open raise size strategy.

I would say for the most part of my MTT career I was playing a standard 3x open raise in EP and MP in the early stages, a 2x open raise in LP and as the MTT progresses and stacks get shallower I would go to a 2x size from all positions. Seems the tendency for about some years now.

Also, last few years, as the game evolved, BB started to defend a lot more and I start to wonder if that Min raise strategy is the best strategy now.

I say this based on some premisses.

First of all, one of the first things I read about Poker strategy was that most of the time we should bet an amount that makes our oponents call incorrectly against our hand/range. And nowadays we know that 2x OR makes BB defend with almost any 2 pretty damm ok.

Second, I also learned that BTN was the best position on the table and we expect to win more on average when we play in position, so, why are we putting less money pre in BTN and CO (the classic 2x OR positions) if they are the positions where we expect to make most money?
“Oh, is because you have the widest range and you're opening fairly often and to do that you need to reduce your OR size.” Ok, I understand that, but, should'nt the wide LP positions range charge more vs SB and BB defending ranges then just a min raise? Especially because it will make their defend correct and because wide range vs wide range will lead to more variance?

To conclude, the idea is this:

Should we open progressively bigger from UTG till BTN? Like, 2x UTG and MP, 2.5x late MP HJ and CO and 2.8x BTN?
I heard something about this and didn't sound the worst thing to me.
You allow a correct wide defend from the BB when you're EP but you will crush his range with your tight range and with a good hand selection to cover most of boards you will be fine.
And on MP and LP you increase your size to charge their defends even more when you have a wider range and going to play IP. (Of course to use this strategy you will probably have to decrease your OR frequency a bit, but that seems fine).
Also, this is a strategy that works better with deeper stacks, but even at a 20BB Stack we could use 2x EP, 2.25x MP, and 2.4x LP.

What do you think abou this guys?

Thank you

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