Playing double pair with almost 100 bb vs a PUSH on the flop

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Playing double pair with almost 100 bb vs a PUSH on the flop

Hi everyone. I decided to post the hand like this as it could be more appealing to see and easy to analyze. It is a 5€ Progressive KO. The villain had 3.3€ bounty.

This is one spot i often encounter in micro tourneys, playing vs donk fishes, the type of fish that make giga overbets with hands like top pair, no matter kicker. They're over the moon when they flop top pair and will never fold it.
I have been playing a few hands on the table and he was playing draws passive and calling a lot with every pair. He was betting hard with top pairs, no matter stack sizes or blinds, he was just raising and pot betting like a maniac.
Preflop I defend only because the hand is suited and I have a huge edge vs the two players.
On the flop I can either check or bet, if I bet would be like 75% of the pot, to protect my hand. The first thing that I thought is that I wanted to control the pot because we are deep (maybe I was afraid like a fish?).
One fish bets and the donkey goes all in, and I call because I put him on AX and I block A9 and A5.

My question on these spots: spots when we have 2 low pair on the flop and we are deep but some donk goes all in. I know I'm ahead most of the time, and I was 72% on the flop but the thing is that I'm risking a 80 bb stack, having a super big edge against the table, its still profitable?

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