QQ 80bb deep facing an UTG 4bet multi way.

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QQ 80bb deep facing an UTG 4bet multi way.

$50 Freezeout

UTG 19900 (reg)
UTG 1 25096
MP 19975
LJ 31988 (fish)
HJ 18877 (fish)
CO 15684 (78.4 BB) with QQ
BTN 20644
SB 16262
BB 10730

early stages


UTG makes it 600, fold, fold, fold, LJ call, HJ call, Hero makes it 3000, fold, fold, fold, UTG 4 bet to 8600, fold, fold, Hero Jam.

As far as i see it i can jam or fold. if it wasn't multi way and the sizing's were smaller, i would have flat called the 4bet and played IP. really unsure here. jamming for around the size of the pot.

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