Tough river decision- Foxwoods Megastack Main Event $200k GTD

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Tough river decision- Foxwoods Megastack Main Event $200k GTD

Hey guys,

Played in the Foxwoods MegaStack Main Event this past weekend. Lot of interesting hands from the tourney but this one stuck out the most to me and wanted your thoughts. The field was actually pretty tough, particularly on Day 2. I don't play tourneys often but given the $200k guaranteed, I couldn't resist.

I'm playing $197.5k (villain covers) deep at $5k/$10k w/ $1,500 ante. Only 31 players left from 217, blinds going up to $6k/$12k in about 11 minutes. Only about three hours into day two and I have only opened one pot and folded to a 3-bet from the SB. This hand is against a different opponent who has been opening a lot of hands so his range is pretty wide here.

Villain limps UTG, I raise to $30k with QhJh in MP. Everyone behind me is playing pretty snug and I think I can outplay the villain in question. He plays the flop a bit loose and tends to give up on bigger streets facing aggression, but takes the lead if you show weakness. Folded around and he calls. HU to the flop with $88,500 in pot.

Flop 4d8dJd
Villain checks, I bet $32k, he calls.
After I bet this amount, I thought it was a mistake and I should be betting more, but interested in your thoughts?

Turn Kd
Villain checks, I check.
I am checking behind here for two main reasons: 1. Not to be bluffed off the best hand and 2. to give him an opportunity to bluff on the river.

River 2c
Villain bets $50k
So he took the bait and did exactly what I thought he would, but what do I do now?

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