WSOP $1500 PLO Bubble Spot

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WSOP $1500 PLO Bubble Spot

WSOP $1500 PLO

On Bubble... Literally. (Don't 100% know this at start of hand, but know its very close. Board updates during hand)

118 left. 117 paid.

15 Minutes left in the day. (But the floor has told me we will probably play until the bubble breaks.)

Min Cash is $2480

I have 25bb in mid position.

Early open from chip leader (120bb) to 2.2bb.

Shorter stack (18bb) nitty guy flats.

On me (25bb) with AAJ2ss

I 3bet to 10bb. Chip Leader calls. Nit Folds. (Pot is 23.5bb.) Flop KQ4dd. He leads all in. (I have no diamonds)

When I 3bet, Floor announced that we were hand for hand. As I am stalling on his lead shove, some players from my table tell me that someone from another table has gone all in and is out, so we are in the money. I try and get the floor to confirm the bubble break, but they will not answer me. Finally, after about 7 minutes, the floor makes me act, I call and lose. (Obv.)

I have no problem calling here, especially if I am in the money. I only need like 26%, but I am not sure if this is correct in terms of ICM or other MTT considerations.

I also think I can just fold pre.... but ughhh, that's tough.  

I end up chopping the min. cash with the other guy who was out before me. ($1240)

So what do you guys think?

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