1-2 Turn Decision Live

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1-2 Turn Decision Live

1 Limp
Hero raise KdKc to $12
3 calls
limper calls

5 way to flop
Pot = $53
Hero C-bets $25
CO calls and is a semi-thinking player, definitely not great, makes alot of mistakes with poor open raise sizing(raising to like $12 at 1-3 w 4-5 limpers w medium strength hands), poor hand selection, occasional no equity bluffs in multway pots
Bttn goes all in for $38
Hero call
CO calls

Turn Ah
$150 in Pot
co has $125 behind
Hero checks

Wasn't certain what I wanted to do here when this came up. I elected on a check because I thought CO has things like Axs that bink top pair, his single pair type hands aren't very likely to call a bet here(I considered using a 1/3 size bet)

Issue I see with checking is allowing draws to get there, and I don't expect to get bluffed at much with a dry side pot. Using a 1/3 sizing doesn't really do anything to his draws as they just get the right price. So it seemed like we weren't getting called by much worse with a bet, losing money to the part of his range that is top pair plus, and weren't effectively charging draws. So yeah, I like the check.

River came off an 8
At this point I checked, but I don't think we are going to be bluffed at, because again, dry side pot. Maybe we could develop a 1/4 river bet range just to get crying calls from mid pairs like 99-JJ, He will have a few 8x in range, but think we can easily fold if we face a raise.

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