10 NL: BvB 3b pot with KK overpair on wet board

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10 NL: BvB 3b pot with KK overpair on wet board

Hero (BB): 160.53
UTG: 292.31
CO: 172.24
BTN: 199.94
SB: 167.32

SB posts 0.50, Hero posts BB 1.00

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.50) Hero has Ks Kc
3 folds, SB raises to 3.00, Hero raises to 9.00, SB calls 6.00

Flop: (18.00, 2 players) 9c Th Qh
SB checks, Hero checks

Turn: (18.00, 2 players) 8h
SB checks, Hero checks

River: (18.00, 2 players) Td
SB checks, Hero bets $12.00, fold

Sometimes I get attached to a strong PP and end up betting 3 streets for value too loose. Therefore I've started to X some strong PPs, AA and KK especially, when board is kinda wet such as this one. But maybe this isn't a good spot for a XB? Maybe I shouldn't check alot of overpairs when I'm IP as opposed to OOP? Thoughts?

Flop: I was considering betting but decided to pot control for the above stated reason.

Turn: I was going to bet Turn but when Jx becomes a straight I think it doesn't make much sense to bet with such middling hand imo.

River: I expect him to bet all of his Jx so I go for value.

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