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Hero raise AdQd $3 UTG 6-max
aggressive reg 3-bet on left to $9
Hero calls

Flop Jc8d6d

Hero check
villain c-bet $6
Hero raise $18
Villain raise to $30

Im mainly wondering which play is going to net a higher EV, flatting or jamming?

We are obviously not pumped to GII here once villain makes the small 4b on flop, but with so much money in the middle, its not a horrible option at 100bb

We are getting precise odds to call here against a very narrow and defined range. JJ+ essentially everytime. Dont think he has things like KTdd for example. Not sure how to calculate my EV of my options, so that would be helpful.

Downside of flatting is he sacrifice our equity on the turn when we face a large bet. Which actually seems like a big deal.

Actually, writing this out, jamming just seems like the superior option because when we flat and brick, we are forced to C/F on turns facing a jam

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