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1/4 delay cbets as a concept

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1/4 delay cbets as a concept

BN: $661.23
SB: $2274.21
BB: $500
UTG: $689.70
HJ: $558.65
CO: $674.84 (Hero)
Preflop ($7.50) (6 Players)
Hero was dealt A Q
UTG raises to $15, HJ folds, Hero calls $15, BN folds, SB folds, BB folds
Flop ($37.50) 7 6 2 (2 Players)
UTG checks, Hero checks
Turn ($37.50) 7 6 2 3 (2 Players)
UTG checks, Hero bets $7.50

The hand is 500nl Zoom. My default here with weak showdown value is, as is standard, to check down.

This turn bet felt right though, and I wonder if it could be pretty decent in a lot of spots. Basically, I feel the delayed river stab from my opponent in this spot is becoming more prevalent, but not so prevalent such that AQ or other weak showdown is just a snap call on the river when our opponent can easily value bet almost any pair on a lot of rivers, while also bluffing the bottom of his range such that we don't feel great folding.

If we do check through and call a river bet, we're losing more VS delayed value betting hands than had we bet this size on the turn (assuming villain simply CCs and checks the river).

Meanwhile, the bet stops villain bluffing us on the river, which is a good thing assuming the river bet is somewhat unexploitable.

Villain could probably exploit this bet, but in the absence of information, won't be able to.

Er, so yeah that's it. I just wondered if I'm missing anything super obvious, something which might explain why it's not something you see very often.

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