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2-5 Live

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2-5 Live

UTG straddle to $10
2 calls
CO Bad aggro makes it $50 w $940 effective
Hero on Button KsKc makes it $150 covering
Folds to Bad aggro who calls

Flop KdTs6d Pot = $330
Hero bets $200

Turn KdTs6d4c
Pot $730
Bet $415 (leaves $175 behind for him)

Basically, against this player type who has an uber wide range, and is making very unprofitable calls on turn; he was calling off w draws having very poor odds repeatedly, what do you think about my turn sizing?

I think him calling my $150 raise, he can have all sorts of things like T8o in range, K3s, J4s etc etc etc.

At the time, I felt like if I shoved, he might fold a hand like QJo, but if I bet a little smaller he would make more bad calls with that portion of his range. I also blocked his top set, so I wanted to make him more inclined to call w Tx or maybe even weaker pairs. I also considered that using a non shove size might mind fuck him into jamming w a pair and concluding I am on some type of draw.

I will say, when I bet the $415, he tanked for about a minute before calling, which looking back in not typical, as he would usually act a bit faster than that, which leads me to think he made a pretty bad turn call that might have gotten a fold against a shove.

The river came off as a Jd, he checked and I bet the last $175 and he folded, acting as if the D somehow diminished the value of his hand. I imagine he made a call with a hand like QJ, Tx, 6x

I was just not 100% certain about my decision this hand. I was thinking maybe I should have just exploit sized up to like $220-240 on flop and shoved turn for like 2/3, as I think this particular villain would call it off with an OESD on the turn vs 2/3 sizing(saw him call overbets w low FD's with a gutter for example on turn with no money left behind after call, so very capable of this... guy was knowlingly and openly spewing money)

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