2-5 Live

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2-5 Live

4 Limps
Hero on BB w AhQs and raises to $45
Ep limper folds, CO and Bttn call(two of the tighter players on the table, both older and not very good however, but still thinking a bit), SB folds

Hero started hand with $500
Flop QcTc7s
$140 in middle w $455 behind, both cover hero

Basically, im curious about flop sizing? against these particular players, im a bit concerned that a big flop bet/turn shove may be too strong and could force them to fold parts of their Qx range(QJ, QK). Curious if I should be going 2 or 3 streets here. My range is definitely pretty tight here, but in a situation like this with narrower ranges, 3-way, what kind of sizing makes sense for my range here, because i will be showing up with hands like AK as well.

From a more balanced perspective, holding a hand like AcKx, It seems betting 1/3 or 1/2 makes some sense, allowing me to barrel turn 50% to 66% on turn and probably giving up most rivers, as I wouldnt expect much fold equity after two calls and a half pot or less river shove left in play. On flop 3 way i would probably just elect not to bet AK combos without a c in hand.

Looking back, using a polar sizing and shoving turn with this hand does make alot of sense, and is clearly +ev. There are alot of dirty turns as well that make life tough

Agaisnt more aggressive players, checking and going for a C/R w seems viable. Just looking for more perspectives here on wet texture 3 way w a low SPR.

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