$200 Zone: BVB, Is this a bad overbet?

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$200 Zone: BVB, Is this a bad overbet?

Trying to incorporate some overbetting into my play, a move I'm admittedly very under-studied on, and I would like to hear feedback on specifically this overbet and then maybe some opinions on potentially different River cards that would make this a more preferable spot to overbet.


Eff 100bb

Hero (SB) opens 3x Jd 8d
BB defends

Flop: As Ks 4h

Hero cbets 30%
BB calls

Turn: Jh

Check Check

River: 4c

Hero bets 2.8x pot
Villain calls and shows Kh 5d

Now, taking the actual results out of this (villain made a great call, kudos). His exact hand make me feel justified that my overbet was sound, however, I don't want to allow his specific holding to cloud my judgment.

My rationale for the overbet: Both flush draws missed the Turn. I'd expect the villain to want some protection from this board on the Turn with anything like 2p, decent ace, straight, etc, so his Turn check really caps his range to something medium-strength. By the River, I obviously have no showdown value. Also, I unblock both flush draws.


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