200NL Live Turn/River Strat vs a whale

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200NL Live Turn/River Strat vs a whale

Alright, so i think its very relevant to start off with a description on this particular villain.

A few noteworthy hands should paint a good picture for you.

Hand 1:
Whale limps UTG
another player limps
Hero Raises AQo to $18 from HJ
Short stack shoves for $45
Whale calls $45
Hero shoves all in for $240
Whale calls w J3s

Hand 2:

Player raises and whale is involved, 5 way flop.
Flop is Q62cc
Player bets, one player calls, another player raises to $100
Whale goes all in for over $300
both players call
Whale has 88 and binks an 8 on the river lol

Hand 3:
5 way flop of J73
1 player bets, another calls, another raises, whale goes all in for $400 and shows down J9o( he binks a 9 on the river to beat another deepstack player who had AJ lol

Hand 4:
whale limps, player raises, another 3 bets, another 4 bets to $100, whale cold calls 74s

You get the picture. Whale is calling pretty much any raise preflop for basically any size. Is also playing hands as bad as 63o. He is also never folding any pair on the flop or equity piece. He has also jammed entire stack over a cbet and showed a gutter after the the other player folded.

So on to the hand Hero has $241 to start hand.
Whale has like 2k behind at this point(literally getting money in horrendously with like gutters and dominated pairs and keeps sucking out with 2 outers and stuff lol)

1 limper
Hero has KdKs in EP and raises to $16 with whale in SB
I Get 3 calls on my left
Whale calls in SB
limper calls

flop Qs6s2d Pot = $90
whale and limper check
Hero c-bet $60
all fold and Whale calls

Turn 7s Pot = $220
whale checks
Hero has $165 behind

I have a clear idea of what I think is best here, but want to gain more opinions. I asked a friend about this turn and he said something that I disagree with.

Here are some assumptions that I think are accurate here:
-Villain never folds a Q on turn for any size
-Villain never folds any offsuit pair that has any spade in it regardless of how low it is for any size. So if he has 4s6d in his hand, I think he is going to call that hand.
-Villain may be playing close to 100% of hands here given that he is in the blinds after all the other callers have put in money and perceives that as a good thing. He already is playing like 75% preflop and is very clearly is not afraid to gamble his money away.

So, curious as to what the max exploitative play here is in your opinion.

Question 2
Also, on a side note.

What do you think the best preflop sizing is in a situation like this? I was honestly considering a strat where I open raised to like $75-$80 and just jam every flop with a tight range because theres no way he can defend profitably against me with his range

But the only prob i see with that is I want to be playing alot of other hands that dont really do well in that scenario like KJo, or JTo, or KQ from an earlier position for example.

I also didnt want to straight up go like $50 pre with big pairs and then small with non pairs because that seems so insanely obvious. I kind of settled on that maybe 10x preflop open is a good place to start and deviate a little here and there when i think i can get away with it and max exploit

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