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2.5-2.5 9-handed live Trips ev+ played?

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2.5-2.5 9-handed live Trips ev+ played?

Hero Btn 87s (800 Stack, table covers hero) Semitight image with moves

A ''decent'' reg raises to 7.5 UTG
A weak TAG raises to 27.5 (Midpos)
C couple off Callers
Hero+ Blinds calls.
UTG calls,

Flop: K88r

Blinds x and the reg bets 40 one caller rest folds hero raises to 150.
Reg calls rest folds.


Reg x Hero x

River: 4x

Reg bets 260 hero folds.

On the flop I put the reg on Kx. When he calls I think his range is VERY heavy to 8A/K8. He might have some worse 8ghts then me. I also DONT suspect AK here often since I think he should 4-bet it to find out where he stands. Lets say AK 10% ish. Rest is high KX and 8X.
I raised on the pos since I just played a hand quite weirdly where I made a VERY thin valuebet/bluff so they might think I am being creative here. Reason for folding river is I just dont suspect a KX betting here since its the perfect bluffcatcher. Sure he might randomspazz with KQ but that seems very random...

Anyway did I make right play by raising on the flop and should I always x/b on the turn since I DONT suspect he being out off line calling here with 1 person behind him to act after I 3-bet his donkbet?

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