25NL: Bluff in 3bp OOP

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25NL: Bluff in 3bp OOP

BTN: 177.1 bb
Hero (SB): 100.8 bb
BB: 200 bb
UTG: 227.6 bb
CO: 245.2 bb

Hero posts SB 0.5, BB posts 1.

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5) Hero has 9d Kd
2 folds, BTN raises to 2.5bb, Hero raises to 11bb, fold, BTN calls 8.5bb.

Flop: (23bb, 2 players) 7d Jc 5h
Hero bets 7.5bb, BTN calls 7.5bb.

Turn: (38bb, 2 players) 5d
Hero bets 19bb, BTN calls 19bb.

River: (77bb, 2 players) Ts
Hero checks, BTN bets 138bb and is all-in, Hero folds

Villain is 41/26/8 over 400 hands.

I play 3b or fold preflop and this hand mostly 3bs. If anything villain is probably too loose preflop with his high vpip so perhaps I can 3b a little bit wider for value than normal.

On high-mid-low flops I usually just range bet 1/3 in 3bps, especially when rbw. If villain is calling too much preflop my range bet is going to work even better.

Turn 5 isn't great for me because I only have A5s in my 3 betting range while villain could have a couple more fives, especially if he's too loose preflop. But I do pick up a flush draw and that's why I barrel. I think my half pot sizing is big enough because of the SPR but maybe I can go bigger?

River I usually give up missed FDs. Not sure what my bluffs should be here?

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