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25NL: SB vs BU 3bp with KQs

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25NL: SB vs BU 3bp with KQs

BB: 158.4 bb
Hero (SB): 98.3 bb
CO: 112.2 bb
BTN: 109.3 bb

Hero posts SB 0,5 bb BB posts 1 bb

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 bb) Hero has Ks Qs
fold, BTN raises to 2.5 bb Hero raises to 11 bb fold, BTN calls 8.5 bb

Flop: (23 bb, 2 players) Kc 4h Tc
Hero bets 7,6 bb BTN calls 7,6 bb

Turn: (38 bb, 2 players) 9s
Hero checks, BTN bets 28 bb, Hero calls 28 bb

River: (96 bb, 2 players) Jd
Hero checks, BTN checks

Villain is playing 24/20/8 over 900 hands.

How would you play this hand? Do you agree with my thoughts below?

Flop is pretty good for me so I simplify to a range bet. The fact that it's 2 tone and the connectivity of the K and T might make it less good to range bet but I still think it's fine, atleast for 25NL?

Turn 9 doesn't seem that good for me? QJs, K9s, T9s, 99 gets there. I think I want to X a big part of my range on this turn, especially when I range bet the flop? KQ seem like a really good bluffcatcher, unblocking FDs and blocking straights. But at the same time I could use protection against FDs on the turn and can still get called by many worse hands. So I'm a bit confused here.

River I don't have a donking range.

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