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25nlz JJ

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25nlz JJ

Open JJ in MP 2.5x
BTN 3bet 3x my open
SB Cold Call
BB Cold Call

You guys 4bet, call, or fold this?

In theory SB shouldn't even have a cold calling range unless they are trapping with the nuts and same with BB but this is zoom so normies call from the SB all the time with pairs and once they make that -ev call the BB has to make their -ev call with their favorite cards too. BTN can be 3betting light so I just 4bet here knowing I'm so head of the cold callers I can get value now with 4bet. If any of them jams over I sigh and call. Snowie hates my line and prefers just folding > calling > 4betting, but it is assuming that no reasonable player should be cold calling in these spots wider than QQ+ AK which is an obvious fold for JJ. But we are in wild uNL zoom land here.

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