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5/10 Live 950bb effective, KK facing river overbet on flush board

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5/10 Live 950bb effective, KK facing river overbet on flush board

Hi Guys,

I just played this hand a while ago at Commerce Casino in the 5/10 500-1500 buyin game and have been thinking about it for a long time. Any advice would be appreciated. I am pretty sure my bet sizes, stack sizes are correct, but if they are off, they are not off by more than $10-50. I am new to the forum so sorry if the format of my post and question is not standard.

Background: I bought in for 1500 and had been sitting for about 3 hours when this hand occurred. Game had been playing lose and I had won a considerable sum very fast in non-showdown hands and marginal showdown hands until a hand where I raised A8o in the CO and was raised by the big stack on the BTN, called after it folded around to me. I flopped bottom pair and lead out two streets on a relatively dry board and check/called an enormous (and quite stupid) overbet on the river when a backdoor straight completed for a $12,500 pot. At this point I became the chip leader, and I would say the general table disposition towards me was one of half dislike/half bewilderment because I rarely play at the Commerce and therefore have high immunity to table intimidation. I was also on a business trip and had just come from work so I was overdressed for the occasion.

The hand: A smart thinking, albeit unorthodox (I saw him flat AK on the button with no action in front and go to the flop three way, call two streets from BB's lead, and then raise BB's river bet on wet board with TPTK. BB tank called and turned over TPMK), middle age asian reg had been commenting about my losing strategy and I had been responding as respectfully as possible when this hand came up:

Hero(UTG+2)(Covers): Raise $40 with KcKs
Reg(SB)($1700): Calls
Villian(BB)($9,500): 3bets to $200
Hero:4bets to $410
SB: Calls(!)
BB: Calls

Flop ($1230): 7cJc8d
SB: Checks
BB: Checks
Hero: Bets $810
SB: Calls
BB: Calls

Turn: ($3660): 7cJc8dTc
SB: Checks
BB: Tanks for about 20 seconds, looks at me, holds eye contact, looks down, sighs, and bets $1100
Hero: Tank for at least a minute, looking straight down, and call
SB: Instacall

River: ($6340): 7cJc8dTc4h
BB: Instant bets $7180 all-in
Hero: Call

Thoughts? I am mainly concerned with my bet sizing on the flop, and my decision on the river, but input on all streets is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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