5/10 : lost on the river...

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5/10 : lost on the river...


Me : 2000
Villain : 2500

Villain is a decent reg.
Very tight player preflop, seems to be straight forward after. But as he is living from poker, at this stakes for at least 5 years, he might have some bluff too..
My image : loose agro.

Villain opened 35 (Hijack) after all table folded.
I called OTB with JdTd

Flop : 8sTs4h (85)
He bet 55
I called

Turn : 8sTs4hJh (195)
He bet 120
I raised to 430
He tank called

River : 8sTs4hJhKd (1055)
He bet 800

My first guess was he has a very strong hand. He shows strength by calling the turn.
But, as he called the turn without raising on a drawy board, I feel some weakness.

When he bet OTR, I was completely lost.
He should have checked and leave me bet.
If I was on a miss draw, I would have bet and nearly all my value hand raising the turn would have bet the river.
So I was very confused by this bet…


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