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adjusting vs tight rfi ranges

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adjusting vs tight rfi ranges

what is the correct adjustment to a pool that raises a super tight range for smaller than optimal sizings?

for example, lets assume an optimal opponent in EP can decide to open 10% for a big raise, 15% for a medium raise , or 20% for a min raise

vs an optimal opponent, we just look at their raise size and defend accordingly: the smaller the size the wider the open so we defend wider

but what if our opponent is very tight and opening a 10% rfi in EP, except they choose a medium or min raise instead of an optimal large size?

do we still defend with the same range vs their suboptimal sizes knowing that their ranges are narrower in accordance to their open size? or do we also have to tighten up as well?

who is exploiting who in this scenario? we know that the tighter raise is not maximizing the EV of their range by picking a smaller size, but are we exploiting their tendencies as well since their sizing allows us to play some weaker hands that otherwise fold? does them having a stronger postflop range counteract our weaker calls or is it the raise size that is most important and prioritized?

my intuition says the raise size is priority and range secondary but i dont have much evidence of theory supporting it so id like to hear what everyone else thinks

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