Applying online strategy to live games + adjustments

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Applying online strategy to live games + adjustments

Some of the major differences in live play vs online play are:
1) open raise size (2.5bb vs 4bb)
2) 3 bet size (12-20bb)
3) wider ranges (J7s, A7o, KTo, from ep\mp)
4) tighter 3 bet ranges (QQ+, AKs)
5) multiway pots (3-6 ways)
6) higher rake \ drop ($3 vs $6)

#1 because of the higher drop ($6) in live play, ranges should be tighter on average. However, because of the loose play by recs, we should try and be involved in more pots with them. How much wider would you construct your preflop calling and 3 betting range given the loose play? Online you see 22-66 constantly folded, are these now calls in live play? I was working out a pretty face up strategy, where I am min raising weaker hands and 4 bb other parts of my range, since rec 3bet range doesn't really change. Would this make small pairs and SCs profitable from ep\mp or should I stick go a tighter snowie based range?

#2 I think a linear range is best, I am not sure if I should use a smaller sizing and how wide I should go. Like KJs is more profitable than 87s despite the domination factor. Given 100bb stacks, with standard open being 4bb, should I keep my 3 bet size under 12bb? I do think recs calling range when you 3x their open is pretty wide, going to $70-$80 start to get more folds. Not sure if we want these folds given will have position, iniaitive, and range advantage.

#3 given the MW flops and the wide limp call ranges, what is the weakest hand you would iso against 1,2,3, etc limpers? Should we be over limping our smaller SCs and small PP?

#4 given a $20 open, $60 3bet size, with $500 effective stacks, what is a good guideline for a calling range oop and ip? Should we ever have a 4 bet bluffing range? Also hands like JJ QQ can we use them as 4 bet folds if they only 5 bet KK+? Debating between 4 bet fold for the times they fold JJ AKo themselves or is calling the extra $40 and evaluating flop more beneficial?

#5 if you know you are likely to get 3-4 callers when you open $20 (4bb), which range would you use? Also would you increase your sizing to try and get heads up with your stronger hands, despite being more face up?

#6 with the drop where I play being $6 if it goes to the flop, is it better to keep a larger 4bb+ open size? Not sure if min raising btn with a wide range to give myself a better price, makes up for higher drop?

I know every scenario and situation are different, looking for some guidelines for this new year.


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