Bb vs sb

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Bb vs sb

2-5 Live

Unknown younger guy who “feels” like a reg raises sb $20

Hero call Bb Ac4d
Flop Jd7d4s
Flop checks

Turn Jo
He bets $20
Hero calls

Riv 8o
He bets $40 into $75
Hero folds

I felt kinda nitty to fold here, but I can have some 7x, some Jx, and my impression is that it’s really easy for a live reg to over cbet out of habit all of his air. So when he checks, I’m kinda thinking that it may actually be more showdown oriented. Also, his sizing feels value heavy, as if he wants a call.

What would a proper defense be here anyway outside of the deductive approach? I’m genuinely not sure what my defending range should be here. Seems like 4x not blocking diamonds, or draws could be okay, along w 7x and Jx. Guess we can have some 8x too because I prob float turn w A8 100%.So maybe we can fold most our 4x

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