Bottom two in a four way pot

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Bottom two in a four way pot

$3/$5 game that is 7 handed at the moment. Game has been playing pretty passive with most raises being $15-$20 preflop and I am the only person 3 betting. Guy showed down QQ twice as a field caller, so 3 bets at this table are KK+. I took this piece of information and opened just a tad wider than normal and also 3betting a little lighter with some SCs that I would usually call or fold.

UTG - Open seat
Hero ($900) UTG1 8h7h Open $20
Mp1 - Open seat
Mp2 ($700) calls.
HJ folds
CO folds
Btn ($300) calls
BB calls.

Flop ($83) Ac-8d-7c
BB checks
Hero $60
Mp2 ($680) calls
BTN, BB, folds.

Turn ($203) Ac-8d-7c-4h
Hero $100
MP2 raises to $220 with $400 behind

I believe online you have to call in this spot all day. Being a pretty honest table and it being live poker I do not see people bluff in this spot. I figure villain is at least putting me on AQ or AK being the ace of clubs is on the board blocking TP+FD. What is the best play, call, fold, or raise? Also my cbet size being 75% is just a exploit unblocking top pair and flush draws. Get any ace to call at least once as well as flush draws. I think my turn sizing is a little small, prefer going to around $150 again for 75% on the turn setting up a PSB on the river. To me it doesn't make a lot of sense to raise a hand like 65s here, unless he is worried about flush killing the action or just wants to build a bigger pot. Live players don't really worry about balance though at all. I was also thinking he might be raising the turn to freeze me from betting the river, but I am not sure this is the type of player who would do that. Semi tough spot, but thinking of river decision if i were to face a shove, I think it's best to fold now on the turn.

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