C-bet all out here?

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C-bet all out here?

Live 2-5 So had a Rec in game limping pretty wide and raising his suited broadways/PP's. He seemed pretty willing to call raises pre. Had him call my 7x SB raise with J8s, as well as seemed to call every 6x isolation I made against him preflop. Imagine he has a wide range when getting to post, like 25%, maybe even more, closer to 30%, and it will be capped at that, not having overpairs etc, because he raises them, and also plays passively postflop from what I can tell

He limps HJ
I raise Button ATcs to $30 (1k eff)

He calls

Flop is 86hh3s

He checks

At the time I talked myself into a check not holding a H in hand. But against this common player type in live, I think we are best off just cbetting 1/2-2/3 the pot and folding out like 60% of his range, only needing it to be effective 33-40% of the time(depending what size you choose; I am tempted to use the 2/3 sizing just to be sure he doesn't read into the 50% and do unpredictable things)

I'd be very unbalanced here, and possibly checking back some 6x/weak kick. Still think we can get value by bluff catching a street vs most recs, and theres alot of bad runouts that 6x doesnt like to see, so okay keeping pot small. Betting is likely still good tho.

Anyways, I think it makes sense, even tho its not coming from a balance perspective. I'm just opting to cbet all the air to make all his air fold, and then it gives me option of barreling Jx+ turns and following thru on river alot. I think this would be PIO approved once you node lock OOP to only check raising 2P+, as many live players do.

looking for validation/caveats/additional thoughts. or to be proven wrong


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