Cold calling in high-rake environments

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Cold calling in high-rake environments

Hi everyone,

I started again to play in 2020 after stopping CGs in 2015. When I stopped I was not paying attention to the fact that cold-calling could be an issue (and I would for 22 0% of the time in MP vs EP open for instance), but now it's something I see in many videos.

I get that at a full-reg tables it's convenient to not cold-call, because we'll get squeezed or pay rake when calling, and we have a somewhat capped range. However, in PT when I filter for "Called 2bet", I seem to be doing well except MP:

I cc 10/11/12% in MP/CO/BT, so I am assuming that I cc too much in MP to begin with and that because CO and BT can still act, I may play too many MW pots OOP which is detrimental to my winrate. The sample is small (116k hands total), and it's not because I win in CO/BT that I played well; maybe I would have been better off doing a 3bet or fold strat, maybe I ran very good, I just have no idea, and I would like to have pointers in order to know if what I do is correct.

How could I learn more about cold calling in details and the impact of the rake versus 3betting? Or learn about population tendencies and how it affects their winrates, some empirical evidence that cc'ing 22-55/A5s in MP is a losing play for instance, or the comparison of 3bet vs cc for the same group of hands. My general approach was to cc wide if there was any rec at the table left to act, or if a rec opened (so calling stuff like A5s/22 PF in such cases), and avoid to cc a lot if there was no rec left to act or a high squeezer. Recently I decided to cc wide only if there was a rec left to act in the blinds, but it's a "it feels right" approach, I don't have the sample to prove that my approach is the best. Do you know any resource that would help me with this? Happy to have a discussion ITT as well :) Maybe you can also post your winrates when "Called 2bet = true"? I did not find any "Essential" video here that was specifically going over this.

I don't need charts to follow, but rather be able to make finer adjustments than what I do and despite doing OK when cc'ing I am thinking that it's not likely the right thing to do if pretty much every coach out there tries to deter students from doing so.

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