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Donk betting

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Donk betting

Hi guys, I'm an old semi retired pro who hasn't been that active in the game for the last few years. I want to catch up a bit with what I've missed so I recently purchased Pio Solver. A thing I've noticed when playing again lately is that some people seem to have incorporated donking into their games. When I use to play full time donking was usually frowned upon. In some situations, I can't recall any pro's that had donk bets in their range. Now this seems to have changed a bit and when looking into Pio it indeed seems GTO to split your range into donking certain holdings.
So now I'm wondering a few things and hope to get some feedback from the community.

  1. Do you have a donking range? If yes in what situations? 3bet pots? singe raised pots? Board texture, etc..

  2. I personally feel that it is very difficult to split your range in one more line. I would prefer to just have a check/call, check/range, check/fold range than trying to balance in donking. How big of an EV mistake do you think this is?

  3. I remember a Sean Leffort (sry if misspelled) video from many years back where he taught me to just have a raise or fold range from the SB vs the BT. This helped stabilize my range a lot since I think I was having a hard time balancing a calling range in the SB vs BT. I'm thinking not having a donking range is kind of the same thing?

In general, my guess would be that certain GTO lines are just too hard for a lot of players to balance and deleting one of the lines and concentrating on being as balanced as possible in the other lines is more profitable. What do you guys think about this? Love to hear your comments.


Edit: Are there any recent videos that bring up this concept?

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