Facing 3Bets Both IP and OOP

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Facing 3Bets Both IP and OOP

ACR 25NL - about 1/3 of the time I face a 3bet regardless of my position. Mostly in the 3.5x-5x size range, with a few smaller ones.

Based on what I have seen from running sims in GTO+, it's not profitable to call these even when the villain's 3bet range is up to 15-20% (except with a range of roughly AQ, AJs, KQs, KJs, JJ-66). Even combined with a 4bet range including some bluffs, I can't see any way you could meet MDF with any recommended pre flop range that I have seen. I am guessing due to the high rake environment of 25NL and the large 3bet sizing. This is after factoring in 27% rake back btw...

Are we just relying on opponents to make big blunders to make our calls +EV - or are all the people I see calling wider in videos (suited broadways, suited aces, suited connectors) doing so because they're playing higher stakes where the rake has less impact? Or maybe I just need to be playing way tighter or just don't worry about meeting MDF? I am winning but barely ... like 1-2 bb/100 before rake back.

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