Facing small river bet on river, can we fold this?

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Facing small river bet on river, can we fold this?


Hero raise UTG FR to $6 100bb KdKc
Bttn calls w 56bb and seems to be a big spot
Sb calls w 67bb
BB calls w 100bb, no info on him as this is first session at 1-2 on this site

4 way to flop
8s9dTc pot = $24
SB and BB check
Hero checks
Bttn checks

Turn 5s
SB checks
BB leads $12
Hero call $12
Button call $12
SB fold

River 2d
Pot = $60
BB bets $20

There so many potential value combos in the BB range here for closing the action, and I feel like the small bet is virtually never a bluff. The question is, is he ever trying to thinly value bet the bttn w a hand like ATo, and does he even overcall 4 way on the BB vs a 3x raise.... No information on whether he is a reg or not.

If he is thinking, I think my range is incredibly face up. Lots of overpairs, and some busted FD's. Seems unlikely I would be calling the turn music with a hand like AJo/even raising it 100% preflop. Only thing, is the button could potentially make light calls vs a small sizing, so maybe he can be going thin/blocking to avoid facing a bet with AT/KT type hands. Who knows, maybe he is passive and calls pre w JJ sometimes.

I think we have to call given the absence of info. Wondering if anyone disagrees?

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