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Flop Sizing 3 way OOP paired board Live 1-3

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Flop Sizing 3 way OOP paired board Live 1-3

2 limps, 1 ep and 1 on button, both very wide ranges $250 stacks

Hero Raise AhJd SB $22
Bb cold calls and is prob flatting things like suited Broadway’s, some offsuit Broadway’s, suited connectors, suited Ax, maybe some suited gappers, first limper folds, button limper call and is going to be very wide here

Bb stack is $300
Bttn stack $250
We cover

Flop KK4ss

Flop sizing and what Hands want to two and 3 barrel?

I’m torn between a 1/3 and 1/2 size cbet.

I’m leaning towards 1/3, but the FD makes me want to go closer to 1/2 and be more polarized/selective(not cbetting QQ for example; also this is prob exploitively good for other reasons like letting T9 catch a pair, we can bluff catch)

Typically I think the best 3 barrel bluff here would be QJ I think as it blocks KQ and KJ, but since people flat AK here in live, I think the best 3 barrels will be AJ/AQ no spade(non spade runouts of course)

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