Flop sizing Question 1-3

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Flop sizing Question 1-3

Live 1-3

UTG Limps and is an older guy who is playing like 65% of hands, and can be quite aggressive at times.

CO limps and is playing close to 90% of hands at times, think it depends where he is at in his mood. Seems like when a pot is smallish he wont bother trying to bluff at it(seen him straight up fold the river after his draw misses and i start to count chips and havent even made a bet.), but if the pot gets big he can definitely try to bluff at it. He definitely likes to gamble and is pretty open about it. Sometimes he will actually wake up and try, and have seen him make some reasonable folds. overall he can be quite splashy and isnt afraid to put in alot of BB.

Hero has QsQd on BB and raises to $23
UTG calls
Co calls

Flop Ts9s8x Pot = $63

We have like $600 behind, UTG has around $500, CO has like $400

So, on such a wet texture, and against two guys with alot of offsuit combos in play, much more than average id say, what kind of sizing do we want to choose here? There is going to be ALOT of bad turn cards, any spade, 6, 7, T, around a 3rd of the deck. In general in mult way pots, i typically will be choosing a smaller sizing in general and then sizing up on some good turns. I think in general, in this situation, around a half pot bet seems reasonable. I dont want to go pot for example, because first of all it looks really strong and is too obvious a strong range, but we also dont have that great of equity on such a texture multway. 2/3 seems okay, but we still run into the issue of really bad turns and rivers, plus alot of hands have significant equity and can apply pressure on us. If we choose a bit smaller, around half, we can play against a wider range and not invest so much on a texture that we will have to fold on later streets a reasonable amount.

I think 30-35 $$ would be a good sizing. and then on blank turns sizing up to at least 75%.

I think I'm pretty on point here, but just posting this because I didn't like how i played the hand in session and wanted to take some time to write about and share it. In the hand I c-bet 1/3 and they both called. The turn was a dream 2c, I bet $80 into $120, UTg called, CO folded, river was a 9, and I checked and the UTG bluffed at it and I called and one a good sized pot.

as played
I think on the turn I should bet at least $90, and then on the river, especially blocking the Qs, I think I should be betting rather than going for a C/C, as most of his call call range should be Tx, and would assume alot of spades would raise earlier or may not always bluff. On the river I thinnk betting whatever i think a T will call would be good repping a missed FD. If I had bet $90 on turn that would put $300 on river, and I coudl bet like 50-66% pot just trying to get a T to call. It was funny because I C/Ced the river and he showed up with KJss. My play worked out, but i still think I played it poorly. The guy even lamented afterwards how he shouldve raised me on the turn, and I think that he and most people would have raised at some point(mostly flop I imagine) with combo and NFD's. However, maybe against some older men like this they could actually under bluff NFD and combo draws and C/cing the river actually isnt so bad, as they may not be thinking about the sheer amount of equity they have when they put on a raise on a earlier street.

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